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How much does it cost to deliver and install sunreps’ solar space heating collectors and screening around an RTU?

Typically between $7500-$8200 if installed in the Seattle area.

Can the collectors be installed without the screening?


What does it cost to install collectors only, no screening?

Between $2000-$3500 depending on the size of the RTU.

What is the warranty?

One year parts and labor.

How much energy savings should I see on a gaspack?

Approximately 20-25% annually.

What energy analysis software compares transpired solar collectors?

RETScreen is the transpired solar collector gold standard of energy analysis programs. RETScreen is a product of the Canadian Government. The original transpired solar collector was developed in Canada. The Canadian Dept of Natural Resources created RETScreen initially to collect data on Solarwall then all of the other energy forms followed.

What was the first transpired solar collector?

Solarwall was patented in 1990 in Canada by Conserval Engineering and invented by John Hollick. In the annals of inventors, Hollick has been recognized to be in the league of Henry Ford and Thomas Edison.

Can the collectors heat a whole building, and not just, the make-up air?

Tricky question, but no, not unless it is a space like a manufacturing facility that can handle a wider range of temperatures throughout the day. Until a cost effective storage medium is developed transpired collectors can only heat a portion of a building’s heat load.

Who is Sunreps` competition in the transpired solar collector sector?

Solarwall and Inspirewall, both transpired solar collector manufactures and both are located in the eastern US. The major difference between these two manufactures and Sunreps is that their collectors are made of metal not fabric like Sunreps.

Which collector is the most efficient?

Recorded pressure drop tests show Sunreps’ collectors are slightly more efficient compared to competitors.

Who is the largest purchaser of transpired solar collectors?

The U.S. Department of Defense.

Are Sunreps collectors portable?

Yes, they can be easily removed and reinstalled on another RTU of equal tonnage if the intake hoods are the same.

Are there collectors for residential applications?

Testing on collectors that double as a patio awning is currently underway.

Who is the American Society of Mechanical Engineers?

The organization that believes the transpired solar collectors is one of the most important inventions in the past 200 years.

Can Sunreps collectors be installed in large volume on commercial and industrial buildings?

Yes. If a building needs heat Sunreps collectors can be installed and provide supplemental fresh air and daytime heat.

Is Sunreps working on a storage system?


Is Sunreps planning on expanding out of the Seattle area?


Do Sunreps collector provide more energy per sq. annually than PV?

Yes, PV’s (based on a 4 kw system) produce $110 from a 100 sf collector array. $110/100 sf = $1.10 per sf annually. Sunreps’ collectors produce $55.86 of heating from a 38 sf collector = $1.47 sf during the heating season, (annual heating). Sunreps collectors produce 25% more energy per sq. than PVs annually

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