Commercial solar ventilation
preheating and RTU screening

Space heating is a major use of energy in buildings nationwide. Recent data suggest that space heating accounts for about 42 percent of energy use in U.S. residences and about 36 percent of energy use in U.S. commercial buildings.

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Sunreps solar collector

Transpired solar collectors pre-heat ventilation air

Building heating costs and RTU run times are significantly lowered

Our collectors are made with American materials for the world's buildings

Sunreps screen

Why is Sunreps’ solar screening so exceptional?

  • Our heavy-duty, solar fabric screening system is typically 50% less expensive than the competition
  • Solar space heating is incorporated into every screening installation
  • Tenant’s heating costs should be lowered by 20%-25%
  • Our steel framing system does not penetrate the roofing membrane while withstanding 110mph winds
  • Sunreps system installs fast
  • Screen fabric colors are available in tans, grays and black​, while our corrugated steel screening comes in a rainbow of colors

Our happy customers

Here's what a few of our happy clients have to say about the services we provide.

Rick Harris

Vice President of Asset Services - Transwestern

John Wabel and Sunreps are on the cutting edge of unique renewable energy products. Their solar collecting , which we utilized, not only met the requirements of screening our mechanical equipment for the city of Redmond; but it reduces energy costs in heating for our facilities.

Jason Gentemann

General Manager - Pacific Northwest at Foster Farms

I am confident that John Wabel’s work to create cost-effective, non-conductive transpired solar collectors will not only make a significant impact on the poultry industry, but on many other industries throughout the world.

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