Transpired solar collectors
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We are about you, our clients, building owners, property managers and HVAC professionals.

Sunreps is about building back better and providing you with a greener HVAC system without having to remove current RTUs. We are about providing a cost-effective solar space heating system to every RTU above the Mason-Dixon line across the country.

No roof penetration, ever. Structural engineering is always included for permitting purposes. We do it all design, fabricate and install. Our Patented Pacific Northwest designed systems requires no need for electricians, roofers or HVAC pros.

Our solar systems are designed to be as low-cost as possible while structurally able to withstand 110 mph winds and last as long as the RTU or longer.

We have heard your wants and needs, we have reacted by supplying the most cost-effective supplemental solar space heating system currently available in the US. That’s what Sunreps is about.

Sunreps screen

Why Choose Us

Local fabrication has many, many advantages.

90% of the materials used in our collectors and screening system are available, almost anywhere in the US. We seek out mass-produced materials to build our products. Why? So, we can scale quickly to meet any size job. We are small business but our suppliers are nationwide. They provide us with a guaranteed supply-chain and warehousing system so we don’t have to. Using the big boys as our has allowed us to say, “We have never caused a customer’s project to be late and we have always met our completion dates.” You can count on Sunreps to have the deliverables.

We understand and respect the commercial building owner’s and/or PM’s needs.

No building owner or property manager ever wants to penetrate a roofing membrane if they don’t have to, so we devised a newly patented support system that spreads the screening load out. A structural engineering report for load and wind load calculations is included in our quotes. The structural footprint made by our system is almost insignificant. Our system is so light-weight that once the structural engineering calculations are completed there is no more need to review it. Our screen’s structural load on a commercial roof is less than 5% of live load, thus exempting the screening from further review. Our permits just move on through along with the RTU permit, no hiccups.

Adventure in design

Fabric transpired solar collectors have the ability to be constructed in many different styles. There are designs for rooftop screening, standalone collectors on an RTU, installations on a building’s southwall as well as a Sunroom design. The Sunroom design can be quite varied. People can actually walk into the Sunroom collector and sit down. Last the most subtle design is a slim wall hugging collector that is only 6 inches deep but can be almost any width or length. A great product for the industrial building sector or apartments.

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