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Transpired solar collectors are not an invention - they are a "a law of nature"

The simplicity, elegance and scientific acknowledgements of the original transpired solar collector, Solarwall cannot be over-stated. The American Society of Mechanical Engineers authored a book and created a museum to substantiate this fact. In 2014 they titled a book,
"Engineering the Everyday and Extraordinary, Milestones in Innovation"
The engineers choose Solarwall (the original Transpired Solar Collector) as one of the most important inventions of the past 200 years.

Through independent third-party testing, Sunreps' Fabric Transpired Solar Collector has shown superior results in solar heating efficiencies for both the single and dual layer collectors.

  • 1. Solar collector exhausts heated air into the RTU’s intake hood when the outside air temperature is 54 F or colder. Actuator vent on the plenum is closed.
  • 2. Actuator arm starts opening the plenum damper at 55 F. to allow ambient in and starts shutting off the solar. At 60 F the plenum damper restricts solar air while allowing 100% ambient air to enter the RTU.
  • 3. HVAC techs are easily able to pull the plenum up and out of the way to work on the intake hood or to replace filters.

Transpired Collector Principle

  • Sun warms the surface
  • Heat conducts from surface to thermal boundary layer of air 1 to 3 mm thick
  • Velocity boundary layer of air is drawn into hole before heat can escape by convection
  • Efficient radiant-to-air heat exchanger
  • Once-through process, no recirculation to collector inlet.

When 100% ambient air is needed for momentary “air conditioning” a pressure relief damper at the bottom of the plenum is drawn open allowing for the 100% volume to enter the intake hood.

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