Sun Ra, LLC dba Sunreps


Founded: 2009

President/Designer: John Wabel

Communications Dir : Jacquie Perez

​Legal: Harold Levi

Areas of expertise:  Solar ventilation pre-heaters/Transpired solar collector designs, fabrication, related inventions, collector testing, Fabric rooftop equipment screening

Transpired solar collectors are not an invention they are a "a law of nature"

We are about you, our clients, Building owners, property managers and HVAC professionals. Commercial building tenants have no idea how many significant challenges you face from the ever changing ordinances/rules of the State, county and cities in which you work. Sunreps does, at least in the area of rooftop equipment screening. It is our mission to help all of you where we can. We help by cutting your rooftop equipment screening costs in half, at least. Improve your tenants air quality and lower their costs of space heating.  And for the HVAC pros, we unburden you from having to deal with a product that is not your responsibility, equipment screening. We take that heartache off the table so you can move forward on the national sustainability project of replacing old inefficient RTUs, cost-effectively. 

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solar collectors in the greater Seattle area

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About Sunreps


The simplicity, elegance and scientific acknowledgements of  the original transpired solar collector, Solarwall cannot be over-stated. The American Society of Mechanical Engineers authored a book and created a museum to substantiate this fact. In 2014 they titled a book,

"Engineering the Everyday and Extraordinary, Milestones in Innovation"

The engineers choose Solarwall (the original Transpired Solar Collector) as one of the most important inventions of the past 200 years. 

Through independent third-party testing, Sunreps' Fabric Transpired Solar Collector has shown superior results in solar heating efficiencies for both the single and dual layer collectors.

Given that Solarwall advertises itsel