Transpired solar collector values in the Seattle area



     There is a finite amount of sunlight and infrared rays available for solar companies to collect.  A collector's efficiency is 

     equally as important as its cost. When a collector has the highest efficiency and the lowest cost of all other solar devices, it can

     be stated that it is, "the most cost-effective solar collector available". Sunreps' collectors meet that criteria.

     Sunreps is a Duvall, WA based company. Western Washington's sunlight is some of the worst in the country. The Puget Sound           area , in a good year receives a little less than 2 therms of usable solar heat per sq. ft. of collector annually. In dollars that is                 approximately a $1.85 a square foot of collector surface.

    Sunreps' fabric solar collectors represent a new style of technology for an old problem, making RTUs less costly to run.

     A full display of all solar collector cost comparisons can be seen on a link at NREL:   click here to view

    Note: NREL means The National Renewable Energy Laboratory a division of the US Department of Energy  NREL scientist were        awarded the patent for the original, "non-conductive transpired solar collector".