“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” –Steve Jobs

The simplicity and elegance of Solarwall, the original transpired solar collector cannot be over stated. The Amercian Society of Mechanical Engineers authored a book and created a museum to substantiate this fact. In 2014 they titled their book, "Engineering the Everyday and Extraordinary, Milestones in Innovation"

In the "Energy Chapter" the engineers identified nine of the most important enegy inventions of the past 200 years. Solarwall along with the internal combustion, jet and steam engine, the transformer, the electric generator and four other inventions are named.

Conserval Engineering is Solarwall's parent company and John Hollick is the president of both. It is Sunreps opinion that Mr. Hollick's insight indentified a "law of nature" more than inventing a product. What he discovered is far more valuable to our planet than simply creating an invention. Sunreps applauds his Edison-like inventiveness. 

In 2009 Sunreps was a manufacturer representative company sellingATAS International, Inc.'s InSpirewall, a metal transpired solar collector. ATAS is a metal fabricating company in Allentown, PA. ATAS was the original fabricator of Solarwall in 1990. Solarwall was invented by John Hollick of Conserval Engineering but the product Solarwall was subbed out to ATAS to be manufactured. In 2009 ATAS started manufacturing their own trademarked transpired solar collector under the name of "InSpirewall". Sunreps started marketing InSpirewall in Western Washington with very little success......

Company Profile

Solar Space heating " a law of nature "

Get outside the box and turn left

Sun Ra, LLC dba Sunreps


Founded: 2009

CEO: John Wabel


Areas of expertise:  Solar ventilation pre-heaters/Transpired solar collector designs, fabrication, related inventions, collector testing